Kabaya is brought to you by The Failing Pvt Ltd to bring you quality clothing and fashion accessories to make you feel great and look great. Our clothing items are manufactured with comfort in mind for the peace of mind for you to go about your daily work. We emphasize on the feel of the material as well as the finish of the product to ensure a long life apparel partner for you.

Along with this we empower women and men of Sri Lanka who are capable at producing clothes and accessories. This is carried out in a way that they get to stay at home and do what they love while, having the freedom and comfort of their own home. All of our clothing and accessories creators are work from home individuals who are highly capable or on a steep learning curve. Energetic individuals who are caring and understanding of the need for high quality garments made in our own Sri Lanka itself. 


Our ultimate aim is to provide clothing to the international market by using the knowledge and skill of our own people to empower them and us, to establish a Sri Lankan clothing brand recognised across the globe. When we create items for foreign brands why don't we have our own global brand. Our aim is to become this brand.

We thrive to bring you the best and to keep improving as we move forward growing, learning, helping communities to bring about the best of Sri Lankan talent to our shores as well as international shores.

We believe you will definitely choose Kabaya again once you start using it.   

We want Sri Lankans to enjoy a unique online shopping experience with just a click.

We hope you have an enjoyable experience with us.