Drives women crazy but does it do that to men? Shop at Mango and see if it will......

Brimming with a wide variety this shop can serve you up with an array of wonderful choices.....



Clothing for repairing your car to hanging out with the mates in the evening. Cotton on has a wide selection for all . 

Trust me bro just drop in here and you'll have it all covered!!! (literally) 

H& M.png


Old bloke feeling swanky? Young man outta swagger? Hennes & Mauritz has got your back.

Drop by here to find some items to fill up your boring old closet and bring it some life the Swedish way......



LEVIS - Do you need an introduction to them? 

One of the best jeans manufacturers in the world tried and trusted to last at least 2 decades!



I could be right if I say this is the only store a man ever needs. Made to perfection and comfortable to wear all day Dockers is one hell of a brand to own.

A true mark of quality, It simply is unrivaled. 

Online store closed. Catalogue available. Let us know what you want and we shall pick it up! (No deposit required.)

(Collection fee 25 MYR discounted to 10 MYR)



One of the largest online fashion stores Zalora caters to everyone. Including brands from all over the globe to their own makes this site is guaranteed to satisfy.




Adidas globally known and loved.

T's to polos to pants to shoes all of what an athlete needs are covered by Adidas. 

All you need to get fit and stay fit in one place.




Swoosh is the logo. Fast and light are the products. Made for the perfect workout or that edge in the game. 

Check out the latest additions on Nike to keep you pumped.



High quality lasting products made just for you.

Looking for stuff that lasts long while being current?

Esprit is the place for you my man...





Feel like everything is just plain boring?

Everything looks the same?

Drop by here to refresh your wardrobe!


Custom orders?

Looking for that special product that you love so much?

Is it available in the countries we serve with?

Then YES we can help! :)

Kabaya  brought to you by The Failing Pvt Ltd. 


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